Balcony Waterproofing Options To Consider

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If your home has a balcony off your second-floor bedroom, you may use it to drink coffee in the mornings or enjoy the weather before bedtime. You may not think much about balcony waterproofing, but waterproofing is essential, even if your balcony has a cover over it. You may need a waterproofing contractor to suggest the best way to waterproof your balcony depending on the type of floor it has. Here are some options.

A Liquid Coating

A liquid coating might be a good way to waterproof a variety of flooring options. The coating can seal grout in tile floors, seal concrete, and cover other types of flooring to create a waterproof barrier over the floor. Coating options include liquid rubber, silicone, and polyurethane. Polyurethane is clear and doesn't change the appearance of your balcony. Silicone is white and reflects heat. Liquid rubber is usually a dark color.

The balcony waterproofing contractor needs to consider which type of coating is a match for the type of balcony floor you have, the temperature range needed for the application, and make sure that no damage needs to be repaired before the coating is applied. Also, an important step in waterproofing is to ensure the balcony has the correct slope so rain will drain off the balcony rather than puddle up on the floor.

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl is often used for balcony decking since it tolerates sun exposure and is watertight. The decking can fully adhere to the deck so it creates a watertight bond and doesn't let rain get under the decking. Plus, vinyl decking is attractive, so you can have a stylish balcony fit for upscale outdoor furniture.

Vinyl decking can be a solid color or have flecks that make it look like quartz. The decking can mimic other types of stone and even wood planks. If you want decorative balcony flooring, that's also waterproof, vinyl decking is a good choice.

Rolled Membranes

Balcony waterproofing can be done on top of the old flooring as long as the old flooring is in good shape. If the flooring is bad, it should be removed. Then, waterproofing is done on the plywood or other substrate material.

A common way to waterproof the deck once the flooring is removed is with a rolled membrane. These are rolled out on the deck to provide complete coverage. If the membrane is plastic, the seams can be welded together with a heat gun that causes the two sides to fuse and become watertight.

Balcony waterproofing membranes are also easy to repair since they can be patched easily to keep rain from getting down to the deck.

To get started, contact a professional balcony waterproofing contractor in your area.

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