Roof Runoff: Should You Waterproof Your Basement?

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If rain runs off your roof and invades your basement every year, ask a contractor to waterproof your basement soon. Roof runoff can cause serious problems for your basement over time, including water damage. If you take care of both issues now, you can keep your basement dry in the future. Learn how roof runoff affects your basement and how you can waterproof your basement against it below.

What's Roof Runoff?

Roof runoff occurs when rain, melted ice, or another form of precipitation runs off the surface of your roof and saturates the ground around your home. Roof runoff can be problematic if it soaks into your basement. A soaked basement can cause the growth of mold, mildew, and even unwanted pests.

The mold, mildew, and pests in your damp basement can eventually invade the rooms above it. Once the contaminants enter your living quarters, they can wreak havoc on your health. Some people even develop or experience serious allergic reactions to mold and other contaminants. 

The best way to keep roof runoff water from damaging your basement and home is to waterproof your basement and roof. 

How Do You Keep Water Out of Your Basement?

First, contact a waterproofing contractor or company and request an in-depth inspection of your basement and roof. In order for you to properly secure your basement against roof runoff, you must address the things that cause it. You may have things on or around your roof that inadvertently cause water to run off it, including poorly secured gutters and defects in your shingles.

After a waterproofing contractor or company learns why water runs off your roof and into your basement, they can either solve the situation right away or recommend someone who can fix the issues on your roof.

If damaged shingles caused water to run off your roof, a contractor or company may recommend you hire a roofer to fix the issue. After you repair your roof, a contractor or company can proceed with waterproofing your basement.

If a lack of proper roof drainage caused water to run off your roof and into your basement, a contractor or company can solve the issue by installing extra downspouts around the roof's edge. A contractor or company can also install underground or subsurface drainage lines around your basement to help move water away from your house. 

If your basement continues to collect water, a contractor or company may install a sump pump system in it. The electrically-powered pump collects water and disperses it away from the basement. A contractor or company can provide additional information about sump pump systems after they visit your home. 

Learn more about water runoff and how to keep it from damaging your basement by contacting basement waterproofing services or company today.  

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