Pros And Cons Of A Walk-In Shower

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Over the years, shower designs have changed considerably. One-piece shower and tub combinations are not nearly as popular as they once were. People are even veering away from framed showers, instead opting for walk-in showers more often. But while walk-in showers are really common, they're still not the best option for every homeowner. If you're remodeling your bathroom, consider the following pros and cons of walk-in showers before opting for one yourself.

Pro: Walk-in showers are accessible.

If you walk with a walker, are in a wheelchair, or have other mobility issues, a walk-in shower will be easier for you to use than one that has any sort of ledge to step over. Even if you're quite mobile right now, installing a walk-in shower helps ensure you'll continue to use it even if you or a family member become less mobile in the future. If you plan on aging in place, then a walk-in shower is a smart choice for your bathroom.

Con: Walk-in showers lack privacy.

With no door or shower curtain, the walk-in shower is open to the rest of the bathroom. Of course, you can shut the bathroom door and nobody will see you showering. But if you're used to having privacy behind a shower curtain while someone else brushes their teeth, a walk-in shower can be an adjustment.

Pro: Walk-in showers coordinate well with modern designs.

Modern bathrooms are often designed to look fresh, minimal, and sophisticated. With a lack of barriers and a simple design, walk-in showers definitely suit this aesthetic.

Con: Walk-in showers release humidity into the bathroom.

Yes, you will still have an exhaust fan to get the steam and heat out of the bathroom. However, the humidity will still travel more than it does when you have an enclosed shower with walls to trap the humidity near the fan.

Pro: Walk-in showers are easy to clean.

Imagine never having to scrub a glass shower door again. Walk-in showers are so much easier to keep clean than other shower designs. If you're a busy person, or if you simply hate cleaning, this can be a real advantage for you.

Think over these pros and cons, and if you're still not sure whether you want a walk-in shower, talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor. They can show you examples of showers they have built for other clients, which may help you make a wise decision. 

For more information on residential bathroom remodel services, contact a company near you.

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