Bathroom Remodeling Tips For A Crisp, Contemporary Aesthetic

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Bathrooms often look cozy and comfortable. Some people really like this look, but others prefer a crisp, contemporary aesthetic, even in bathrooms. If the crisp aesthetic is more your vibe, then it will be important to keep that aesthetic at the forefront when planning your bathroom remodel. Here are a few home remodeling and design tips that will help you achieve that look.

Incorporate open shelves

Open shelves are actually quite popular in bathrooms regardless of aesthetic, but when you're going for the contemporary look, they are an absolute must. In this case, you will probably want to go for floating shelves, as they won't have any brackets or hardware to make them look too cluttered. A couple of open shelves on the longest wall of your bathroom can give that wall some character without the need for excess decor. Plus, you can use them to display brightly colored towels, which are a nice, contemporary choice.

Use square-cornered tubs and sinks

When you look at your various tub and sink options, focus on the ones that have more squared-off corners, rather than rounded corners. The corners don't have to be outright pointy as this might make them painful if you bump into them. But they should be more square than circular. 

Keep your color scheme simple

A bathroom design that incorporates more than a couple of colors can look busy, rather than crisp. If you want your bathroom to look more contemporary, then it's best to use no more than three colors in your design. One of these colors should be the majority of your bathroom. One should be used a lot, but not extensively, and the other should just be used as an accent. For example, you could have white tile, tub, and sinks, blue trim, and a few red towels and accent tiles. 

Use larger format tiles

Most bathrooms these days have tile. Some have it on the floors, others have it in the shower, and still others have it in both places. If you want your home to have a contemporary look, then you need to stick with larger tiles. Smaller ones can make the space look cozy and busy.

Your bathroom can be a contemporary space where you feel truly in your element. Talk to your remodeling contractor about the tips and ideas above. They may even have some other design ideas that you decide to include.

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