3 Reasons To Schedule A Camera Sewer Line Inspection

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If your home is connected to a municipal sewer system, you have a large pipe called a sewer line running across your property to move your household waste into the sewer. Since a sewer line plays such an important role in day to day life, you want to make sure that it is always in good condition. As a homeowner, you don't have the ability to check your sewer line since it is buried underground. But, you can opt to hire a plumbing contractor to do a camera sewer line inspection. Some reasons to schedule a camera sewer line inspection include the following.

Stay on Top of Regular Maintenance

When you own a home, keeping up with preventative maintenance is always in your best interest. In most cases, regular maintenance services are much more affordable than needing to have a major issue repaired. When it comes to your home's sewer line, it is always a good idea to know what is going on. Clogs can begin forming in a sewer line, and it is possible for tree roots to infiltrate a sewer line and begin growing inside the pipe. When you include a camera sewer line inspection in your regular home maintenance routine, any minor issues that need to be addressed can be fixed before they turn into major problems.

You're Purchasing a Home

Buying a house is very exciting, but it is also a huge financial investment. When you put an offer in on a house and it is accepted, you will have an inspection period to have the house checked out. Most people hire a home inspector to do a general inspection, but there is no way for a home inspector to check out the sewer line. The last thing that you want is to purchase a new home only to discover that the sewer line has major problems. Investing in a camera sewer line inspection will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you're buying a home with a sewer line that is in good condition.

Experiencing Problems

If the drains in your home are not functioning properly and the toilets are not flushing like they should, you most likely have an issue with your sewer line. But, it is hard to know what the problem is without being able to see inside the pipe. A camera sewer line inspection will make it possible to pinpoint the exact location of the problem so repairs can be made promptly.

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