Recommendations For Home Waterproof Protection To Keep Your Basement Interior Dry

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Your home is protected from exterior moisture intrusion by its roof, exterior siding, and foundation slab. Any excess saturation of the soil around your foundation can let in water that can cause damage to interior structures and mold growth. Here are some important elements to keep your home foundation structure water-proofed and well protected against moisture that is present in the ground and soil.

Apply a Waterproof Exterior Treatment

One of the best ways to waterproof your home exterior is through application of a sealant on the exterior of the foundation walls. The foundation walls on your home come into contact with soil and exterior ground water, which can saturate the area and create positive pressure. This positive pressure can push the water through any small cracks or holes in your foundation. But when you seal these up with an exterior waterproof coating, you are protecting your home from the outside, which keeps water immediately out and prevents damage.

A waterproofing service professional can apply this type of treatment to your home's exterior foundation. They will need to excavate the soil from around the foundation to expose the concrete walls. From here they apply a protective polymer coating all over the exterior surface, which seals it in from exterior moisture.

Additionally a French drain made with a percolated drain pipe is another measure your contractor can install within the trench around your foundation. This will offer additional protection as it collects any groundwater. The pipe will drain it away from your home exterior to a drainage area on your property. Once completed, the entire outside of the foundation is encapsulated from moisture and the contractor will fill the dirt back in around your property. Together these two exterior measures are a great way to keep your home basement dry. 

Install and Maintain Drainage

Drainage around the outside of your home on the surface is also important to protect your home. Keep your home's existing drainage system cleaned out and in good repair to make sure rainfall and snowmelt drain away from your home's foundation. Be sure the downspouts are diverted to a point well away from your home. 

Also be sure the soil and landscaping around the outside of your home is sloping away from the home foundation. A gentle slope from the foundation will aid with water flow to keep any moisture from seeping down around the foundation of your home.

Contact a company that provides exterior waterproofing services to learn more.

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