Steel Repairs, Cosmetic Upgrades, And Damage Prevention Tactics

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If steel comprises much of the storage facility that you own and there have been occasions in which the roll-top doors, main entrance, or corners of the building have become scuffed or dented, due to a traffic altercation or heavy usage by your patrons, steel building damage repair will improve your building's aesthetics and will strengthen the facility as a whole. Seek repairs and protection products.

Avoid The 'Patch And Go' Process

If you have been trying to handle damage on a case by case basis and often use compound, tape, or paint to minimize signs of damage, you are only providing a temporary coverup and the issues could become more apparent with time. For instance, a steel door that contains dent marks may not be too problematic right now, if the door still functions properly, but since the damage is visible and could compromise the strength of the door, another direct hit to the surface could result in the door needing to be replaced in entirety.

People who are in need of a stable and secure area for their personal possessions will be much more confident about renting a unit from you if they see that the facility is well-maintained. Contact a steel services contractor and request a proposal for the repairs needed. Some dents could possibly be removed from an existing door and a complete paint job or sealant application will provide previously damaged surfaces with a fresh look.

Consider Guards And Kick Plates

Steel guards and kick plates are often used to reinforce parts of a building that are prone to damage. If the facility isn't solely constructed of steel, having an extra layer of protection will prevent scuff marks, dents, and other common imperfections. Metal guards can be matched to the color of the facility or an alternate color can be used, which will make it appear as if a border has been added to the building's exterior. Choose to have guards installed on all of the corners or any portions of the structure that protrude outward.

Kick plates are metal strips that are used to protect high traffic areas. When people enter a business, their feet may accidentally apply pressure to the bottom of a door, resulting in scuff marks. This may also occur in a setting where a desk or a reception area contains a floor model furnishing. Request the installation of steel plates, for any surface that was previously scuffed.

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