How To Choose The Best Fence For Your Apartment Complex Pool

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A pool is a great amenity at an apartment complex. It provides a place for tenants to relax, socialize, and cool off in the warmer months. However, pools always need to have a fence around them to prevent children from entering the pool unsupervised. If children are allowed to easily access your pool, you open yourself up to liability. It's important to make sure that your fence makes your pool secure.

At the same time, your pool fence needs to be durable and add visual appeal to your complex. With numerous options available for fencing, it can be tough to find the perfect fit for your pool. To help you out, here's a guide on how to select the best fence for an apartment complex pool.


Pool fencing is exposed to large amounts of moisture, both from people splashing in the pool and from moisture caused by the pool water evaporating. Due to this, you'll need to select a material that's water-resistant.

Wood will rot and wrought iron will rust unless the fence is excellently maintained, so neither are a good option. Chain-link fences can be used if the links are coated in vinyl, although you have to be mindful of the vinyl coating flaking off. After several years of sunlight exposure, it will turn brittle. Once the steel links underneath are exposed, they'll begin to rust away.

Your best choices are aluminum or vinyl. Neither will be harmed by water, and they're very low-maintenance.


You should check local regulations before building your fence, as many areas regulate the minimum height of pool fencing. In general, a pool fence needs to be at least four and a half feet tall. This prevents children from easily climbing over the fence.


A fence with open slats allows you to see if non-tenants are using the pool. It also allows bystanders to spot emergencies like drowning if they happen. On the other hand, your tenants may desire a privacy fence around the pool so that nobody sees them swimming. The correct choice depends on the needs of your apartment complex and your tenants.


Your pool needs a gate that opens away from the pool, and it needs to close and latch automatically. If you desire added security, a commercial fencing contractor can add a gate that can only be opened using a key code or a wireless key fob. This helps to keep non-tenants out of your pool and also provides extra protection against children getting in unsupervised.

To sum it up, your overall best choice will be a fence made from either vinyl or aluminum. Both are beautiful, have low maintenance requirements, and will withstand the moisture from the pool. If your tenants want a privacy fence, you'll need to go with vinyl. The most important part of your decision is making sure that the fence isn't easily climbable—children love to climb pool fences, which can be a drowning hazard.

If you're having trouble making your choice, call a commercial fence contractor in your area that has experience installing apartment pool fencing. They'll be able to show you examples of work that they have done in the past, which can help you make your decision.

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