Central Air Compressor Overload: The Basics

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With the peak summer heat on the way, it's important that homeowners are fully prepared for what it means to maintain their air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, the hottest stretch of the summer is the period when your central air system is at the greatest risk of compressor overload and failure. Here's a look at what you need to know about air conditioner overload and how to prevent it.

What Is Air Conditioning Compressor Overload?

Compressor overload is a situation where your air conditioning compressor has worked too hard under less-than-optimal conditions and leads to thermal overload. When the compressor gets too hot, your air conditioner won't function properly. Ultimately, it can even lead to further damage to your air conditioning components or eventual unit failure.

What Causes Air Conditioning Compressor Overload?

There are a number of conditions that can lead to air conditioning compressor overload, but typically it only happens when the temperatures outside are so significant that the air conditioner is running more heavily. 

Any situation with your air conditioner that would cause it to work harder than normal is likely to cause thermal overload of the compressor in extreme heat. For example, if you fail to change or clean the air filter, don't address a coolant leak, have dirty air conditioning coils, or don't clear foliage away from the air conditioning unit, all of these things can hinder the proper function of the unit and lead to thermal overload.

How Can You Prevent Air Conditioning Compressor Overload?

Before the peak summer heat sets in, it's in your best interest to take steps toward preventing any kind of compressor overload. Reach out to an air conditioning service contractor near you today to schedule an annual maintenance appointment.

During this appointment, the technician will clean the coils and the air conditioning unit's enclosure. He or she will also test the refrigerant pressure to ensure that there are no leaks. If any leaks are detected, those will be patched or repaired. Then, he or she will advise of any external problems, including foliage, that could hinder the machine's operation.

These are some of the most important considerations of air conditioning compressor overload. Understanding what can cause this problem and how you can prevent it are the first steps toward preventing catastrophic air conditioning failure in the peak of this summer's heat. Reach out to a local air conditioning service, such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc., today for more help and information.

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