4 Common Water Well Pump Problems That You Will Want To Troubleshoot Before Calling For Repairs

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There are a lot of pump problems that could cause the water to not flow from the well as it should. Sometimes, these issues are easy to solve with a little troubleshooting, but you will often need help with getting the repairs done. The following common water well pump problems are some of the issues that you will want to troubleshoot before calling for help with repairs:

Noises Coming From Plumbing and Loss Of Pressure Due To Switch and Tank Problems

If there are problems with the pressure tank, it could cause issues with noises, pipes rattling and the pressure of pipes. The first thing that you will want to check is the electricity and power to the pump. If there is still a problem, the switch or tank that operates the pump may need to be repaired to solve the problem.

Dry Wells and The Casing Not Recharging During Dry Weather or Normally As It Should

During the summer months and dry weather, the groundwater levels of water tables get lower. This can be a problem if you have a shallow well that is older. Sometimes, the well's casing may not charge as it should. This can be caused by a lower water table, as well as problems with the well's casing becoming clogged or full of sediments. Talk to the pump repair service about restoring the casing to solve this problem and ensure the well is recharging with fresh water during the dry season.

Problems With Water Quality Issues Due To The Pump and Well Casing

There are also problems with wear that can cause the pump or casing to affect the water quality of plumbing. This is a problem that can often be solved by pulling the pump from the casing, repairing, and cleaning it, and flushing the casing. Talk with the pumping service you use about flushing the casing to remove sediments and contamination that affects water quality.

Worn Submersible Pumps That Need To Be Pulled From The Casing and Replaced or Repaired

Many residential well pumps are submersible pumps that wear over time, and they may not be working as efficiently as they should. The pump may not be working at all, which means that it will need to be pulled from the casing. When the pump is pulled from the casing, sometimes it can be repaired, but often, old pumps will need to be replaced with more reliable and efficient pumps.

These are some of the common water well pump problems that you will want to troubleshoot to get the water flowing to your home. If you are still having problems with your pump, contact a water well pump repair service for help with these repairs to get the water flowing again.  

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