3 Ways To Talk To Your Custom Home Builder About Design

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Opting to build a home provides you with the opportunity to customize your living space to suit your needs. One of the most exciting parts of the custom home building process is designing the interior and exterior features of your new residence.

Many people have a hard time talking about design in terms that their builder can understand. This miscommunication can lead to disappointment on the part of the buyer and confusion on the part of the builder.

Use these tips to help you talk to your builder about design as you work toward constructing your custom home.

1. Make Lists

You can open the door to discussion about design by creating lists for your builder. Start with a "love" list. This list will detail all of the design elements that you find appealing. Don't limit yourself to a single style or genre while making this list, just write down anything that appeals to your sense of style.

You should also start a "not for me" list. This list will contain all design elements that you don't care for and wouldn't want in your home. Your lists can help your builder start to get a feel for your design style so that they can offer plans that will suit your needs.

2. Use Visuals

It can be challenging to discuss design when you don't know the technical terms for the features you want to bring to your builder's attention. Instead of trying to come up with an explanation of something that you want to incorporate into the design of your home, use visual aids instead.

You can use Internet searches and home design magazines to help you source images that will show your builder exactly which design features you want to include in the plans for your custom home.

3. Create a Collage

A lot of buyers make the mistake of looking at each design element that will be incorporated into their custom homes separately. This can lead to a finished custom home that doesn't have the right design flow.

You need to work with your builder to create a collage of all major design elements prior to breaking ground on your new home. When you see your tile choice, wall color, countertop materials, and flooring together on a single collage, you can better discuss how these elements blend with your builder.

Don't let an inability to effectively discuss design hinder the creation of your custom dream home. To learn more, contact a custom home builder in your area. 

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